Classic and Flavoured Whole Leaf Black Tea


Individually Wrapped Foil Envelope Pyramid Tea Bags 25x2g

Net Weight

50 grams / 1.76 oz.


This item contains a selection of 5 classic blends – 4 tea bags from each:

English Breakfast - Our whole leaf morning blend composed of wiry well twisted FBOP tea hails from the world renowned Dimbulla region. When brewed, these fine FBOP teas are strong, full bodied and brisk in taste.

Ceylon Supreme - Considered a signature tea by connoisseur’s the world over, our blend of the finest Ceylon Pekoe hails from the lush tea gardens of Ruhuna located in the southern part of the island. When infused in boiling water, the pekoe leaves unfurl and brew strong and full bodied teas.

Ceylon Afternoon - This light bodied and aromatic tea hails from the Nuwara Eliya region - lying at an altitude of over 5000 feet at the very top of the central highlands of Ceylon. These unique conditions coupled with warm sunshine help to create teas with an exceptional bright floral aroma.

Ceylon Earl Grey - Named after the 19th Century British Prime minister our blend combines the distinguished taste of Bergamot with the finest Ceylon tea. A sprinkling of beautiful cornflowers adds colour and zest to this fine blend.

Organic Darjeeling - Our organic Darjeeling blend is made up of teas harvested during the months of May to June and is replete with the signature aroma of muscatel grapes and summer fruits.


Ceylon / India


Black Tea / Black tea with bergamot flavour

Brewing Instructions

1 tea bag for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 100° C.