Exceptional Tea Experience

Across the globe, JAF TEA is now served in a number of leading hotels, restaurants and cafes. We are also proud to be the official tea partner of Sri Lankan airlines.

For over 70 years we have crafted some of the world’s finest tea blends, building a reputation for superb quality and exceptional taste. To preserve the freshness and flavour of our handpicked, single origin teas we insist on packing them within days of harvesting in Sri Lanka. This helps us to support local communities and deliver our tea in its purest form to customers around the world to enjoy.

We are passionate about our tea and committed to helping our food service clientele create an exceptional experience for their guests. To meet their discerning and constantly evolving needs we have developed a wide range of teas and bespoke accoutrements. Importantly, we assist our clientele in each aspect of the tea ritual – display, selection, brewing and serving.

We present some of our concepts below: