Classic Green and Oolong Teas


Individually Wrapped FoilEnvelope Tea Bags 20x2g

Net Weight

40 grams / 1.41 oz.



This item contains a selection of 5 Classic Green and Oolong teas – 4 tea bags from each:

Natural - Hailing from the southern regions of China, this delightful natural variety is distinguished by its perfect balance of light body, fresh aroma and mellow taste.

Mint - Natural mint leaves are expertly blended with the finest green teas from the lush mountains of Ceylon to create this cool and refreshing tea.

Jasmine - This carefully crafted blend of Chinese tea is naturally scented with jasmine blossoms in the traditional way to achieve the perfect balance of flavour and fragrance.

Earl Grey - Our Earl Grey blend is a perfect harmony of Ceylon green tea grown in the country's lush highlands, with the distinctive taste and fragrance of bergamot.

High Mountain Oolong - Our prized Oolong tea from the Fujian province of China is produced using sophisticated and artisanal techniques to create a delightfully floral light bodied tea.


Ceylon, China

Brewing Instructions

1 tea bag for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3 minutes at 90° C.