Flavoured Green Tea


Individually Wrapped FoilEnvelope Tea Bags 20x2g

Net Weight

40 grams / 1.41 oz.



This item contains a selection of 5 fruit flavoured green teas – 4 tea bags from each:

Soursop & Banana - Creamy and comforting, with the sweet taste of soursop fruit and mellow banana, infused with our classic Ceylon green tea blend.

Strawberry & Kiwi - All the sweet, fresh taste of strawberries enhanced with tropical kiwi and infused with our beautiful Ceylon green tea blend. Brew lightly to enjoy the fruity aroma and refreshing sweetness.

Peach & Apricot - Sumptuously fruity, with the luscious flavour of perfectly ripe peach and juicy apricot, infused with our high grown Ceylon green tea blend.

Lemon & Mint - A zingy burst of lemon flavour with calm, cooling mint, infused with our delicate and refreshing Ceylon green tea blend. Brew lightly to enjoy the invigorating taste and aroma.

Mango - All the sun-ripened succulence and sweetness of mango, infused with our light and refreshing Ceylon green tea blend.



Brewing Instructions

1 tea bag for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3 minutes at 90° C.